Booplinth is the first one-piece plinth construction for the Linn LP12 turntable. Booplinth is an engineered plinth, machined from solid bamboo laminate, providing the ultimate construction integrity and superior sound quality traditional LP12 plinth constructions cannot offer. Booplinth is not a simple product to machine and manufacture, and is also labour intensive requiring 18 individual production and quality control stages to guarantee the uniform upgrade quality in every booplinth.


As Linn Specialists, (brianandtrevors and House of Linn in Manchester, UK), we look for ways of producing even better sound quality from our components and systems. Our passion for vinyl and the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable led us to re-design and produce a new, advanced and better engineered plinth for the LP12. Our goal was to apply the highly effective acoustic isolation properties of bamboo to a new and advanced plinth, that reduces vibrations by more effectively housing and isolating all of the LP12’s component parts - this includes all Linn mechanics -  bearings, inner and outer platter, sub chassis, internal power supply and motor, Linn top plate, tone-arm and cartridge.


The random structure of the bamboo grass and air in every one-piece, low mass booplinth upgrade diminishes signal pollution all the way to the stylus tip revealing hidden recorded detail, greater clarity and a more musical performance


Booplinth is designed and engineered to reveal the hidden recorded detail and a more faithful musical performance that is obscured by traditional wooden LP12 plinth constructions - the booplinth difference - more recorded detail and improved clarity -  is apparent from the first recorded note!


Booplinth's "quieter" plinth properties transforms LP12 vinyl playback and re-focusses the LP12 upgrade path making booplinth the fundamental upgrade that will improve the performance of any specification of Linn LP12 turntable.

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    Booplinth is the first one piece, precision machined plinth and universal performance upgrade for the Linn Sondek LP12 designed to reveal hidden recorded detail from any specification LP12.

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    Booplinth is a unique, innovative and advanced plinth design, machined complete from a solid bamboo laminate block.

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    Booplinth reveals hidden recorded detail, a transformational performance traditional wooden LP12 plinth constructions simply cannot deliver.

    Booplinth makes any specification of LP12 work even better by isolating internal LP12 mechanics and components more effectively from vibrations, improving their performance to reveal the hidden recorded detail and dimensionality obscured and masked by the colouration produced by traditional LP12 plinth constructions.*

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    Booplinth is a “quieter” plinth with none of the signal pollution produced by traditional LP12 plinths.

    Booplinth is lightweight, rigid and strong, a one piece, low-mass construction with none of the internally glued, screwed, mitred or clamped sections and corner braces found in traditional LP12 plinths.

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    Just Listen with the booplinth upgrade and discover the fundamental performance upgrade for any Linn Sondek LP12.

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    Every booplinth upgrade delivers the same more revealing performance.

    Order your booplinth upgrade direct from the booplinth creators -  brianandtrevors - £1,950 including VAT and fitting at brianandtrevors and from other Linn Specialists who care to say boo! Order via our Contact page or call to discuss.

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