Booplinth news
Hear even more musical detail from any LP12 Quite simply, the booplinth upgrade empowers any Linn LP12 , regardless of specification, to reveal more recorded information and more musical detail from vinyl recordings. We designed and developed the Booplinth upgrade to address and correct inherent “plinth pollution” that adversely affects the operation of turntable mechanics and components resulting in some colouration during vinyl playback. This colouration is noticeable by its absence when listening with Booplinth revealing significantly more recorded detail and a better musical performance. Booplinth is an advanced, engineered plinth, designed specifically to provide a better and quieter plinth environment than tradirional plinths for optimising LP12 mechanics and components, and, is expertly manufactured to reveal more recorded information and musical detail, and an even better performance from any specification of LP12 

Every booplinth delivers the same more revealing performance. 

Listener postings on the Linn forum and from The Bristol Sound & Vision Show 2015 describe booplinth : “...a very significant upgrade in the same league as Keel and Radikal”, “...this is the biggest upgrade you will ever hear” and “...actually moves the game on musically and sonically.. ”...based on the demo I heard the Booplinth walked all over the other deck...I am a musician and never assess things on hi-fi sound.”...”it is an expensive option but it isbetter sounding than the standard plinth”...”I would not describe what I heard as a “hi-fi” difference, more like the bass player turned up and the band were bothered about playing the song..”...”The Booplinth was better, more tuneful. Iheard the demo twice. With the Boo the signal to noise level had significantly increased. The first immediate thing was the drop in vinyl noise level before the track started with the Boo and then the increased dynamics. The bass riff on the UB40 track was easier to follow on the Boo. Tonally it was similar but with more information.”
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