Booplinth Customer Feedback January 2016
We were delighted to read this  considered and detailed posting from Olskool on the Linn Forum in the booplinth thread: January 2016
After a long several months planning and waiting the Booplinth is finally installed on my LP12. First, a little house keeping; I am not a pro reviewer as you will easily see and have no affiliation with a manufacturer or dealer. I'm just a vinyl loving guy who got hooked on LP12's a little over a year ago. I have no other experience with any other plinth besides the standard Linn plinth my table came with so can't and won't comment how this compares to any other plinth or LP12 setup. My rig has been built up from Majik level in this last year. It is late model LP12 (2012 or later) purchased from and serviced by a reputable, experienced, long time Linn dealer serving the North Texas area. My signature will detail my equipment as Ref Level and the TT status as mid spec.My environment requires listening in a near-field arrangement. 

My music preference is mostly Traditional and Smooth Jazz along with a healthy dose of R&B, Classical and Pop with a smattering of Rock and Blues thrown in. The plinth has been installed for a couple weeks and listened to more than 20 hours in multiple sessions over a two week time period. A few noteworthy comments to share before the musical review: I saw my Booplinth before it was installed. It was the 2nd one I had seen and the fit and finish were outstanding in my estimate. Ebony was my color choice and I'm impressed and pleased with the beauty and aesthetics of its appearance and build. My dealer made comment at how easy it was to set up. He felt it was precise to specifications making it a very easy install. As of this writing I think my unit is only the 2nd in North Texas. A huge surprise awaited when I brought it home for the first time. My lady came in as it was being setup and exclaimed "Wow, what kind of wood is that, it is beautiful!" She continued to make positive appearance comments during the set up. It was totally unexpected but really made me feel good that she appreciated it, if nothing else but from an aesthetics point of view". She's made a couple great comments after a few of my listening sessions stating that I was"really playing some good stuff". I believe this comes under the heading of WAF... My "toe tap" response is now alive and well! I'm drawn much more into the music than ever before. Several times tonight while writing this and listening, the music sounded so good it forced me to stop writing and just listen! New details and nuances pop out in every album played now. Many of these albums have been with me since back in the day (1970's on). The noise floor has lowered considerably and everything comes up from a solid black background with very little, between track, noise and artifacts. An early on concern of mine about getting an LP12 was that if not a fully spec'd rig the bass might not be quite as full and extended until upgrading to much higher spec levels. 

The Booplinth addition bridged a huge gap in the area of bass for me with deep, well extended, controlled, clean bass! On several occasions since install I've heard bass guitars growl. It's outstanding to be able to hear that! Venue plays into the music more often now, especially where live concerts are featured. The sound stage is airy, transparent, well defined and stable. It is easy to understand now what is meant when a reviewer says complex music is unraveled. The ability to hear increased musical detail makes the music much more enjoyable and cohesive. I really did not want to be a reviewer that, because I spent a bunch of money on equipment, only had good things to say in order to defend what could have been a wasteful purchase. I listened hard to find issues to report that were not necessarily glowing positives. That has proven hard to do.It was suggested in an earlier response from a Linnie to look out for brightness and thinness; none found so far! So far the only negative I have to report is that the Booplinth label that comes with the plinth looks cheesy to me. At this price level a much nicer tag should be in order (look at the attached pics). 

Here are specific tonal and music notes related to a few albums as I listened and heard standout tunes: 

Joe Sample: "Ashes to Ashes" Warner Bros Records9-26318-1. "The Road Less Traveled." The piano work is most vivid but really shows Joe's deft touch at leading and not overpowering. Definite bass growl in bass guitar phrases abound. Excellent Mid ranges and tonal balanceprevail. 
Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour on the "Harlequin"album. GRP-A-1015. On the "Harlequin" cut displayed nice handling and definition of the soft musical under layer with rhythm and accents. It supported the selection but was not imposing. 
The All Star Percussion Ensemble FIM GS-LP 001 R. (my go to album for critical listening and testing):
Beethoven "Scherzo" fast,tight, and deep bass drum. Plenty of Slam, well defined timbre reallyspotlighted each instrument's personality. 
Pachelbel: "Canon in D."Delicacy showed up where needed. It was solidly apportioned by slam and sharp transient attack which emphasized bravado appropriately! 
Kenny Burrell - Blue Note 45 RPM. "Midnight Blue"Album ST-84123. "Midnight Blue" I absolutely loved Kenny's guitarstring strum and pluck detail. I really noticed the upright bass timbre and style of Major Holley, Jr. as never before. 
Christian McBride Big Band - Mack Avenue Records "The Good Feeling" MAC1053LP. (I can't find the words to express how well this album sounded to me through the Booplinth). Drum Kit slam and excellent holographic position imaging of the Big Band. Female vocals (Melissa Walker)was well presented in "Each Time I See You" through lots of vocal clarity with her particular nasal sound and breathing emphasized nicely.McBride's quick upright bass finger picks were well reproduced and fast with nosmear and great transient detail on "I Should Care". P. R. A. T. was very well intact on "Blues In Alphabet City". McBride's bow work wasmagnificently displayed in this one.The bands drummer was operating in a zone that was clearly evident in his work on this tune highlighted through the Boo! 

It should be fairly evident that I'm pleased with my purchase! It was somewhat a leap of faith purchase although I did get to listen a short while to another Booplinth'd full spec LP12 before purchase. Would I call it "THE Biggest Improvement I have or will do to my Vinyl playback system? Maybe, maybe not; this is mainly since I have not taken the table to full spec yet. My table's performance was not far behind the full spec rig though,and short of that reality, I have to say the plinth, in a huge way, pulled the full level of performance capability out of my table with the LP12 components currently installed! 

The Booplinth's strength is that it seems to bring out every bit of positive attributes whatever the currently installed LP12 features can provide! It just seemed to make what is really good much better! If I do not upgrade my TT any further, (but you know I will) it would be fine because I would be perfectly happy with the current performance level. As far as the cost of the Plinth, hell, the cost of one set of cables blow through the Boo's price and don't provide half the performance gain I gained, so no problems there for me. Since adding the Booplinth I am now considering going to other areas ofimprovement such as Amplification, Cables, or room treatment and setup instead of going immediately on to Radikal, Keel, or Ekos SE because the Booplinth has been that good to my ears!  Olskool
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